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How to optimise your energy and recovery management product

Article-How to optimise your energy and recovery management product

How to optimise your energy and recovery management product
In today’s world, active nutrition extends far beyond the realm of professional athletes. From women’s health to healthy ageing, this segment now encompasses consumers of all demographics and from different life stages, meaning brands must cater to a variety of needs.

Active consumers look to the sports nutrition category to help them achieve their goals and boost their training, but also for recovery, energy, and performance management. But which of these offers the most opportunities for your brand? The upcoming Vitafoods Insights webinar, on 27 June, holds the answers.

Consumers seek out and differentiate supplements based on their purpose, turning to products that can maintain and improve their overall health – but also to obtain a health “boost”, replace lost nutrients, or take a proactive attitude towards their wellbeing.

Held on 27 June, the free-to-attend “Energy and recovery management” webinar is brought to you by the content team as part of the Vitafoods Insights Webinar Series on Sports and Active Nutrition.

It will explore market trends, consumer insights, and ingredient innovations, looking at how to create effective formulations and optimise energy and recovery management products.    

There will be two expert presentations, the first from Scott Dicker, market insights director for SPINS, who will speak about “Navigating the state of the US active nutrition market”. This session will provide an overview of the growing sports and active nutrition market, looking at the modern sports nutrition consumer, and delving into the emerging trends shaping its future. 

Nicholas Morgan, director of Nutrition Integrated, will then deliver a presentation entitled “The dynamics of energy and recovery in sports nutrition and their evolution into next-generation platforms”. He will explore the product landscape, looking at how the subcategories of energy and recovery are evolving into standalone platforms that represent the democratisation of this segment for more “active” consumers – and identifying the standout characteristics that help products “win” in the market.

A live panel discussion with both speakers will follow, where manufacturers can look forward to valuable insights regarding innovations in energy and recovery management, its drivers, and trends across different markets and demographics, with a focus on the US. The Q&A will also examine consumer delivery format preferences and delve into considerations when building new products.