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Digestive and immune health

Identifying the best ingredients to boost immune and gut health

Article-Identifying the best ingredients to boost immune and gut health

© Vitafoods Insights VFIWS Digestive and immune health on 17 October
More and more consumers understand there is a link between gut health and immunity, and there is growing recognition of the crucial role they play in maintaining overall wellness.

With an increased emphasis on holistic health in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a change in attitudes: in the US, for example, immune function has for the first time surpassed gut health as the primary reason for consuming prebiotics.

What market opportunities does this paradigm shift offer brands and product developers? The upcoming Vitafoods Insights webinar, on 17 October, holds the answer.

This free-to-attend “Digestive and immune health” webinar, brought to you by the Vitafoods Insights content team, will provide an in-depth understanding of the importance of digestive and immune health and how the nutraceutical industry can provide solutions to these needs.

Our expert speakers will discuss the latest market trends in this field, highlighting key ingredients and formulations that promote optimal digestive and immune health.

There will be two expert presentations, the first from Mike Hughes, head of research and insight at FMCG Gurus, who will ask the question: “What is next for the digestive health market?” Although consumers are not necessarily aware of the gut microbiome, they recognise the link between digestive health and immunity. As awareness grows, greater urgency will be placed on addressing gut health. This presentation will give an overview of attitudes towards digestive health, and explore what opportunities exist in the market. 

Dr David Foreman, president at the Herbal Pharmacist, will then talk about “The connection between the gut and immune system: Beneath the surface”. This presentation will discuss the underlying physiology and biochemistry of how gut health is connected to immune health, as well as look at clinically substantiated ingredients that benefit both areas.

A live panel discussion with both speakers will follow, where our audience can look forward practical insights that can be applied to new product development strategies, meeting the growing demand for supplements and functional foods supporting these vital health areas.