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Vitafoods Insights is an always-on engagement platform, delivering inspiring content for industry  leaders including cutting edge research and the latest trends within the health and nutrition space. As the official media for Vitafoods Europe and Asia, Vitafoods Insights explores emerging areas and key issues across the global health and nutrition industry, helping business executives make informed, strategic decisions. Various media assets provide our broad audience with trusted knowledge and research, as well as the latest industry insights.



Digital magazines

Monthly thematic digital magazines investigate relative market trends, business opportunities, innovation and technology, regulation, and product or ingredient development. Our industry experts contribute researched content that examines the science, strategy, solutions and services of the nutraceutical industry. Digital magazines are limited to five underwriters per issue, and are available for free download through our platform.

Deep dive reports

Whilst still delivering the same content expectations as our digital magazines, our premium reports offer a focused investigation of single specialist topics. Industry experts delve into the science, innovation and services of a particular product, ingredient, or specialised market area. Deep-dive reports are limited to one underwriter per asset, and are available for free download through our platform.

What’s Hot digital magazine       

What’s Hot is Vitafoods Europe and Vitafoods Asia’s exclusive pre-event digital magazine – an essential attendee planning tool offering pre-marketing opportunities, event information, and must-sees of the show. What’s Hot digital magazines go live three weeks before the event – the peak planning period – and are promoted to all registered and prospective attendees, as well as offered for free download through our platform.

Online content

The Vitafoods Insights platform offers a collection of premium content – industry news stories, articles, blogs, podcasts, and infographics. Ongoing contributions from respected and knowledgeable industry experts align with our ambition to explore emerging and key investigative areas of the nutraceuticals industry, helping businesses make strategic and informed decisions.

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