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Holistic health, part 2: Focus on digestive health and immunity [Report]

There is growing recognition that all aspects of health are interlinked: more consumers are aware of the relationship between the gut, immunity, and brain health, while the beauty-from-within category is benefiting from a shift from an anti-ageing mindset towards a preventative approach.

But with consumers sceptical of “magic bullet” solutions, it is not enough to make vague promises about product benefits; brands need to create multifunctional offerings with verified claims.

In this free report, we explore how brands can cater to the growing popularity of holistic approaches, looking at product innovations as well as the interplay between different health categories.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • The push toward multifunctional products
  • Digestive and immune health
  • Holistic health and Covid-19
  • Old-school holistics
  • Beauty from within
  • Key takeaways

The Holistic health report is written in two parts that will be published throughout 2023. This is part two.

Holistic health, part 2: Focus on digestive health and immunity [Report]