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Life stages, part 3: Healthy ageing for better living [Report]

The concept of healthy ageing is undergoing a shift, moving from curing disease and reversing the ageing process to delaying the onset of age-related decline.

Consumers and industry alike are changing their outlook as younger people increasingly consider how their current lifestyle choices might affect their long-term health. As a result, products for healthy ageing are no longer limited to older consumers.

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  • Introduction
  • Market overview
  • How to measure ageing
  • Ingredients for various health areas
    • Cognitive
    • Strength
    • Joint health
    • Digestion
  • Startups in the healthy ageing sector
  • National strategies for healthy ageing
  • Key takeaways

The Vitafoods Insights life stages report is written in three parts that will be published throughout 2023. This is part three. 

Life stages, part 3: Healthy ageing for better living [Report]