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Healthy ageing

Exploring opportunities in the lucrative longevity market [Live webinar]

Article-Exploring opportunities in the lucrative longevity market [Live webinar]

© Vitafoods Insights Exploring opportunities in the lucrative longevity market [Live webinar]
Healthy ageing is now a lifelong concern: people are increasingly interested in finding ways to enhance their quality of life throughout their lifetime, and many are looking to supplements and functional foods to do so.

An upcoming webinar, held as part of the Vitafoods Insights Webinar Series, will help manufacturers and suppliers navigate this increasingly lucrative space.

Held on 7 November, the Healthy Ageing webinar will explore the topic of longevity within the context of the holistic health macrotrend. Composed of two expert presentations and a live Q&A session with industry speakers, the webinar will cover consumer insights, market trends, opportunities for product development, nutritional requirements, and formulation challenges.

Attendees can expect valuable insights on how to develop and market products that cater to the unique needs of ageing consumers and understand the appeal of longevity products to younger demographics.

Mike Hughes, head of research and insight at FMCG Gurus, will give a presentation on targeting the baby boomer market, examining how the health and wellness market can better serve this demographic that has specific health concerns and is keen to spend retirement in good health.

Carole Bingley, technical specialist for food at contract research organisation Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL), will look at healthy ageing through the lens of new product development and ingredient formulation.

Her presentation, entitled Protein-rich nutrition for ageing populations: Needs and opportunities, will evaluate how people’s nutritional requirements change as they age and the opportunities for the development of products to meet these needs.

There will be a particular focus on protein – both quantity and quality, which can be measured by the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) and Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) – as well as tips on how to overcome the challenges that are well-known to food scientists: keeping off-notes to a minimum, reducing bitterness, having an appetising texture, and keeping products affordable.

Following the presentations, there will be a live Q&A session with Mike Hughes and Carole Bingley to discuss in more depth the healthy ageing market for the nutraceutical industry. This live session offers the opportunity to all attendees to participate and put their questions to our expert speakers.