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How to choose the best delivery format for your brand

Article-How to choose the best delivery format for your brand

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Tablets may have a sustained record as the most popular nutraceutical vehicle, accounting for 33.6% of market revenue share in 2021 – but with “pill fatigue” on the rise, there is plenty of room for delivery format innovation.

From pills to gummies, sprays to gels, there is a format for every need. But which one is right for your product? The upcoming Vitafoods Insights webinar, on 18 April, holds the answer.

Today’s consumer is educated about nutrient intakes and recommended dosages, meaning that technological advancements that can allow industry players to optimise ingredient functionality are more important than ever before.

And cutting-edge technologies can be employed not only to protect bioactive compounds and increase their bioavailability and shelf life, but to improve taste, flavours, and textures.

Held on 18 April, the free-to-attend “Bioavailability and delivery systems” webinar is brought to you by the content team as part of the Vitafoods Insights Webinar Series on Market Innovations.

It will look at the latest trends, research, and ingredient innovations in this area, as well as how to choose a delivery system that does not compromise effectiveness or bioavailability.

There will be two expert presentations, the first from Aarthi Janakiraman, research director at TechVision and Frost & Sullivan, who will talk about “Delivery technologies poised to improve functionalities and provide value-added benefits”. She will explore how delivery systems – including encapsulation, nanotechnology, and emulsions – can be used to ensure functionality, reviewing emerging trends and innovation in the area. 

Kenn Israel, co-founder of BeyondBrands, will then deliver a presentation entitled “Special delivery – The revolution in delivery system technology”. Delivery systems are changing fast, and the boundary between bioactive and dose form has been blurring as a result. Israel will unpack and review the classic dose forms and innovations currently leading the market and explore what the future may hold, as well as implications for wellness and regulations.

A live panel discussion with both speakers will follow, where manufacturers can look forward to valuable insights regarding consumer demands, market outlooks, branding strategies, and how to create products that resonate with consumers.