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Exploring the evolution of sports nutrition over the last decade—podcast

Audio-Exploring the evolution of sports nutrition over the last decade—podcast

Changing active behaviour and consumer interest in nutrition has shaped the sports nutrition market for the better. Fraser Grice, conference producer for Vitafoods, delves into the last decade of the sports nutrition market with Ian Craig of Functional Sports Nutrition.

We explore changes in sports nutrition paradigms and advertising, the importance of health in athletes, athletic behaviour and the microbiome. We take a closer look at microbiome research to support athletes, and the relationship between nutrition and marginal gains when it comes to performance nutrition. 

Ian Craig will be chairing the Performance and Sports Nutrition summit at Vitafoods Europe, taking place 12-14 May 2020 in Geneva, with investigates how the nutraceutical industry fit into a holistic view of health for athletes. 

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