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Powered by plants: The latest in sports nutrition ingredients

White-paper-Powered by plants: The latest in sports nutrition ingredients

Powered by plants: The latest in sports nutrition ingredients
Sustainability concerns and knowledge of health benefits have driven demand for plant-based solutions over the past decade. New advances in protein content, taste, texture and formulation have helped to accelerate plant-based products to the sports nutrition market. Not only do they provide athletes with an alternative protein source, but several plant ingredients offer health benefits geared toward optimal performance, endurance and post-exercise recovery.


  • A primary challenge for the plant protein market is a lack of all essential amino acids in finished products, and the issue of anti-nutrients which compromise bioavailability.
  • Soy is the only 'complete' plant protein, and continues to dominate the market, but other popular alternatives include rice protein, pea protein, pulses (part of the legume family), seeds and algae
  • Companies that manage to deliver on taste and nutrition will win the competition for shelf space in retail stores.
  • Bone and joint health experts have the opportunity to differentiate their offering by developing collagen products specifically for the sports nutrition market.

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