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Sports supplements players focus on online retail to expand customer base

Article-Sports supplements players focus on online retail to expand customer base

According to recent published report by Persistence Market Research, increasing usage of online retail and e-commerce is likely to contribute to the growth of the sports supplements market through 2029. The global retail sales sector is becoming more organised, and it is expected to increase across various domains of consumer products. Globalisation of the private brands and expansion of global retail chains in developing economies is driving the food & beverage retail sector. Escalating adoption of technology coupled with rising popularity and usage of e-Commerce are anticipated to drive the growth of the sports supplements market.

Flavoured sports supplements becoming mainstream

Flavour is an essential ingredient in all food and beverage products. Flavourings are used in the food and beverage products to enhance, taste, texture, and appearance of the products. Nowadays, the demand for new and unique flavours is increasing dramatically. While buying the product, consumers are likely to go for unique and enhanced flavor. When it comes to sports supplements, the consumer mostly decides on the basis of flavor used in the supplement. Manufacturers of sports supplements are focused on developing products with new, unique, and popular flavour ingredients and offering a wide range of flavoured supplements. Flavour is becoming one of the most essential aspects of the sports supplements and is playing an important role in the market growth.

Sports supplements remains priority for fitness aspirants

In recent years, people are becoming highly conscious about their health and fitness, especially the millennial population. Consumers are focused on daily exercise and fitness activities such as workout, dance, sports, and many others, in which the body needs an intake of nutrition to maintain energy level and to recover muscles. The traditional food is not a sufficient source to get the required nutrition. Sports supplements play an important role in providing nutrition to the human body, including protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and much others. One spoon of sports supplement can provide sufficient nutrition, which can maintain the energy level of the human body for the entire day. Apart from these benefits, sports supplements help burn unhealthy fat of the human body. Owing to that, sports supplements remain the first priority for fitness aspirant around the world. These factors are driving the growth of the global sports supplements market.

Sports supplements gaining popularity among bodybuilders and elite athletes

Bodybuilding has become a trend among millennial and Gen-Z population. As the consumption of unhealthy and fast food cause many issues to people resulting in unhealthy fat, laziness, and physical troubles, consumers have been avoiding junk foods and primarily focusing on health and fitness. Sports supplements are gaining popularity among bodybuilders and elite athletes owing to their number of nutritional benefits, such as rich source of protein and amino acids. They also provide essential nutrients to the body, which can help in weight management, act as energy booster, and reduce anxiety and stress. Growing popularity, especially among bodybuilders and elite athletes, is likely to complement the growth of the sports supplements market.

This study underlines key opportunities in the global sports supplements market and finds that the market would exhibit growth at a value CAGR of ~6% during the forecasted period.

These insights are based on a report on the Sports Supplements Market by Persistence Market Research.