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Pandemic accelerates healthy ageing market opportunity—podcast

Audio-Pandemic accelerates healthy ageing market opportunity—podcast

Personalised nutrition solutions may suit consumers’ desires to lead a longer, healthier life, addressing their specific concerns and bolstering longevity.

While healthy ageing is a term widely used within the health and wellness industry, for consumers, it’s simply the way they’re looking to optimise their personal experience to stay active and engaged without compromise. Peter Wennstrom, founder of The Healthy Marketing Team (HMT), has explored the topic of healthy ageing for decades, and believes the pandemic is a ‘game changer’ in terms of accelerating interest in supporting lifelong wellness.

  • Consumers seek solutions for health challenges; tests and technology, together with education, can raise the profile of personalised options.
  • Individual lifestyle choices and health conditions impact consumers’ susceptibility to illness; a new report unpacks how this consumer understanding is aligning with digital acceleration to shape the future of personalised nutrition.
  • Incremental growth in online shopping and virtual health care appointments during the pandemic lay the groundwork for long-term expectation of personalised services for wellness.
  • Peter; Geoff Mullan, HumanPeople; and Mariette Abrahams, Qina, will address the healthy ageing/personalised nutrition intersection in a panel discussion on 13 May as part of Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo.

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Peter Wennstrom
Founder, Healthy Marketing Team (HMT)

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