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Cognitive Health

Research into natural support for brain health and performance

Improving and maintaining cognitive health is a priority for many consumers. They are seeking solutions to look after their memory and attention and prevent cognitive impairment.

As well as cognitive health and focus, the sometimes more intangible category of mental wellness, including sleep, stress and anxiety, is growing. This is particularly due to the radical change of lifestyle, increased stress-levels and disrupted sleep induced by COVID-19. Learn more in our podcast on AI-driven personalised bars for stress relief.

Esports is another booming sub-category. E-gamers need supplementation to help with focus, fatigue, recovery, eye and joint health. Find out how brain-boosting supplements can enhance cognitive function to improve gaming performance.

Curious to learn more? On this page you can find podcasts, webinars, reports and articles giving insights into the cognitive category.

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