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Next for personalised nutrition – report

Article-Next for personalised nutrition – report

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Unpacking how digital acceleration, consumer buy-in, and robust business models are shaping the future of personalised nutrition

While the nutrition and food industry has noted increasing interest in tailored health and wellbeing solutions in recent years, the pandemic helped consumers further understand that their individual lifestyle choices and/or health conditions directly affects their susceptibility to illness. Expect even further investment into the personalised nutrition space and closer collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders as the emphasis moves to prevention rather than cure.

In this report, we dive into the evolving definition of personalised nutrition, the impact COVID-19 has had on interest in the space, the rapid acceleration of digital-first strategies, and where hurdles need to be addressed in order to make personalised nutrition successful for both consumers and companies. Download this report to read more about: 

  • The growth of fast data and more detailed range of information relating to individual biomarkers
  • Challenges of accessibility, cost and clear value to consumers
  • Strategic partnerships for successful product and business models
  • Pushing and positioning personalised nutrition for mainstream
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