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Delivering the power of natural extracts and botanicals – Webinar

Webinar-Delivering the power of natural extracts and botanicals – Webinar

Date: Thursday 14 May 2020 | Time: 14:00 (BST)
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Go-Live: Thursday 14 May 2020 | Time: 14:00-14:40 (BST)

For millennia, people have turned to the power of plants for good health. Medical documents from Ancient Egypt, the healing tradition of Ayurvedic botanicals and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine all include active use of herbs and botanicals. Even today, the World Health Organization estimates 80 percent of the world’s population continues to use traditional therapies—many of which are derived from plants—for primary health care.

In the Western world, formulators have gone beyond traditional extraction—the use of a solvent to dissolve some of its components to create a new product—to investigate the range of phytochemicals, determine efficacy of ratios, and even explore ways to improve bioavailability. At the same time, consumers are demanding products that make use of natural extracts, whether that’s through their cosmetics, their beverages or their food supplements. Discover new innovations supporting the growth of the botanical market, and driving product innovation.

Presentations in this webinar:

Lubrizol Life Science Health introduces Lipofoods™
Microencapsulated Botanical Ingredients

Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technology expertise applied to botanical ingredients

Lipofoods™ Nutraceutical Ingredients is the umbrella brand for the Nutraceutical Division within Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health). It specializes in added-value functional food ingredients with scientific backing, enabling differentiated nutraceutical solutions through microencapsulation technology. During this webinar, the audience will learn some benefits about Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technologies applied to botanical ingredients such as curcumin and astaxanthin. These two ingredients are very well known due to their health properties; however, they exhibit some problems that can significantly limit their use in nutraceutical applications. With this presentation, you will have a better idea of how our core technology strength in microencapsulation applied to our botanical ingredients gives them a potential basis to develop premium final nutraceutical products.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn about Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technology to address botanical ingredients problems
  • Understand the importance of solubility and stability in botanical ingredients
  • Hear about the importance of scientific evidence an proven benefits for healthy ageing
  • Understand how microencapsulation can enable differentiated nutraceutical applications
  • Discover enhanced benefits for astaxanthin and curcumin
       Lubrizol - Isabel.png          
Isabel Gomez
Global Marketing Manager, Spain
Lubrizol Life Science, Health

Isabel Gomez is the Global Marketing Manager of the Nutraceutical Division of Lubrizol Life Science Health.  Isabel has 10+ years of experience in B2B marketing in several FMCG industries such as cosmetics, foods and pharma. Based in Spain, she is an enthusiastic marketing professional with a great understanding of the business needs and international mind-set. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Mexico, a Master's Degree in Cosmetics Science from Centro de Estudios Superiores de la Industria Farmaceutica and a Master's Degree in Marketing Management from INSA, Business, Marketing & Communication School.










First bioequivalent natural turmeric ingredient unlocks full turmeric market potential   

Interested in learning about the main turmeric market concerns in 2020 and how to tackle them?  Attend this webinar with Alexis Manfré to learn about TurmiPure Gold® a breakthrough turmeric ingredient that’s bioequivalent to market standards at a low dose. Explore new gold standard clinical science and find out what this means for the turmeric market in terms of curcuminoids bioavailability, pitfalls, effectiveness, applications, safety and consumer compliance.  

Why should you attend?

  • Discover a new and exhaustive turmeric comparative clinical pharmacokinetic study that demonstrates the low-dose bioequivalence of a natural turmeric ingredient when compared to high doses of turmeric markets standards.
  • Examine new data from a clinical safety study on turmeric with 60 participants measuring gastrointestinal tolerance, blood hematological & biochemical parameters and urinary endpoints to confirm tolerance and safety of high doses of TurmiPure Gold® (up to 1g/day).
  • Be able to avoid pitfalls and understand important lessons for the future about of curcuminoid bioavailability: understand dose dependence, the efficacy of piperine, and how to quantify free curcumin vs other metabolites
Naturex - Alexis.png
Alexis Manfré
Global Product Manager, TurmiPure Gold®, Naturex part of Givaudan, France 
Naturex SA 
A graduate of HEC Paris, Alexis has over 12 years of experience working in the nutraceutical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries in both product marketing and sales positions. As Global Product Manager for the Nutrition & Health category since 2015, Alexis has developed strong expertise on key traditional botanicals. His knowledge spans from sourcing and manufacturing to proprietary clinical science and health claims.  Alexis’ responsibilities have included product portfolio management, market insight, short and long term strategy, clinical trial development, product marketing, M&A and open innovation. He is eager to share is turmeric expertise with others in the field.  


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