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How is personalised nutrition redefining consumer health?—report

White-paper-How is personalised nutrition redefining consumer health?—report

How is personalised nutrition redefining consumer health?—report
From a tool to a service—personalised nutrition means different things to different people. Ultimately, we understand personalised nutrition to be grounded in science and part of a larger health ecosystem that provides consumers with meaningful insights that lead them to long-term behaviour change. Growing consumer interest and developer investment are evolving the personalised nutrition offering, but how can the market resolve issues surrounding data, digital literacy, cost, scale and actionability?

Key takeaways:

  • Early adopters, biohackers and high-performance athletes are willing to invest in personalised nutrition, but they expect detail in their data, actionable insights and quick results—can the market deliver?
  • Wearable technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation are improving data collection, interpretation and personalised services, but gaps in actionable science hinder behaviour change at the consumer level.
  • Businesses seek to attract the interest of health insurance companies and professionals that can advocate and financially compensate for personalised nutrition in the interest of disease detection, prevention, habit adjustment and closing nutritional gaps. 
  • While large-scale personalised healthcare is still in its infancy, there's an opportunity for the industry to revisit its approach to innovation and business models through strategic collaboration with smaller players.

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