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The future of healthy ageing – report

White-paper-The future of healthy ageing – report

The future of healthy ageing – report
Demand for diverse and innovative solutions accelerates as the ageing population grows younger.

As global life expectancy increases, ageing consumers are looking to hold onto their independence, active lifestyle and mental health for as long as possible. Preventative health has shifted to the fore as consumers look to reduce, delay or altogether offset age-related dysfunctions like joint discomfort, memory loss, fatigue and other hedonistic aspects such as wrinkle reduction. 

With a wider consumer base that includes younger generations looking to get ahead, and movement toward healthy ageing rather than anti-ageing, the market continues to offer bountiful product development opportunities. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The future of the healthy ageing category encompasses non-pharma intervention with shifting perception at consumer annd public healthcare level. 
  • Emerging ingredients with documented healthy ageing benefits include cGP, flower pollen extract, aged blak garlic, olive extracts and pumpkin seeds. 
  • Evolution toward gel, spray, beverage and effervescent delivery formats could help the elderly overcome challenges related to dysphagia and insufficient hydration. 
  • Approved claims are limited to micronutrients in specific quantities and manufacturers need to be thorough in regional approval status when launching to new countries/markets. 

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