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EU-standard addresses doping substances in sports—podcast

Audio-EU-standard addresses doping substances in sports—podcast

A new standard from the European Committee for Standardization aims to prevent doping substances in sports nutrition products.

On 22 February 2021, Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) welcomed the first EU-wide standard to address the presence of doping substances in sports nutrition and food supplements—the CEN “Dietary supplements and sports foods free of doping substances" standard. Aurélie Perrichet, Executive Director at SNE, joined us to discuss this new standard and what it means for the nutraceutical industry. Tune in to hear more about:

  • The importance of the new CEN standard to the nutraceutical industry
  • What requirements and changes companies based in the EU should pay close attention to in order to keep in compliance with the CEN standard
  • How the CEN standard affects the lives of consumers, athletes, and sportspeople
  • How the CEN standard differs from others in the global market

Click  here for further information on the process for CEN standard—designed to be revised at least every five years.

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