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CBD brands react after UK food regulator cuts safe daily dose limit

Article-CBD brands react after UK food regulator cuts safe daily dose limit

© AdobeStock/ME Image CBD brands react after UK food regulator cuts safe daily dose limit
Cannabidiol (CBD) brands have been speaking out after the UK’s food regulator slashed the safe daily dose limit for the cannabis extract.

Last week, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) cut its recommended daily maximum dosage for CBD products from 70 mg to 10 mg for healthy adults.

Holland and Barrett, the UK’s leading health food retailer, pulled more than 30 CBD products from shelves following the decision, a temporary measure the company said had been made “in an abundance of caution”.

However, smaller brands said there had been “no change to the legal status” of their products, while an industry body urged retailers to remember that the updated recommendations amounted to guidance, noting that the FSA still considers CBD to be safe.

Regulator raises concerns over long-term CBD use

The FSA said the decision was made following concerns long-term CBD use might cause liver and other health problems.

The agency’s chief scientific adviser, Professor Robin May, said: The more CBD you consume over your lifetime, the more likely you are to develop long-term adverse effects, like liver damage or thyroid issues.

The level of risk is related to how much you take, in the same way it is with some other potentially harmful products, such as alcoholic drinks.

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), a UK-based industry group, acknowledged the update, saying: “As an organisation committed to the responsible and safe use of CBD products, we understand the importance of evidence-based recommendations to protect public health.

“Our scientific panel will examine the scientific evidence released today to better understand how the FSA have come to their conclusion. We will make further comments once our experts have completed their review.”

Industry body urges CBD retailers to ‘take this as guidance’

However, the ACI added: “We urge retailers to take this as guidance, which it is. Nothing will change immediately in terms of products included on the FSA’s public list.

“We highlight to consumers that this guidance demonstrates the FSA still considers CBD to be safe and their advice relates to lifetime consumption of daily high doses of CBD.

“In light of this updated advice, the ACI trusts that the FSA, after considering the implications of their announcement, will find a suitable solution for companies that have invested heavily to submit novel foods authorisation applications for their products.

“We remain committed to engage with the FSA to support our members who have acted in good faith throughout the novel foods process so far.”

‘No change’ in legal status of CBD products, says supplier

Goodrays, a UK-based startup supplying CBD oils, gummies, and soft drinks, posted its response to the FSA update on LinkedIn.

It said safety was “of paramount importance to the business” but pointed out that the guidance was based on “three early-market CBD products”, and as such “does not cover the majority of the market-leading products”, including its own.

© AdobeStock/Natalia KlenovaCBD brands react after UK food regulator cuts safe daily dose limit

It added: “Our CBD supplier has toxicology studies which show a much stronger safety profile, showing a 70 mg recommended daily intake. All Goodrays products are laboratory tested to ensure safety and consistency.

“We welcome the efforts to improve the quality and safety standards of the CBD industry [and] we are committed to working with the FSA to further protect consumers and advance the CBD market. We believe the next step is to publish individual risk assessments for each CBD product, so that dosage recommendations can vary based on product safety profile. We’re confident that guidance will soon change as the FSA recognises the quality of products like Goodrays.

“Most importantly, there is no change to the legal status of Goodrays products and the regulators are not advising on any de-listings or product recalls. Goodrays will continue to be available to our partners, retailers, and consumers, and we want to thank our customers who have been so supportive and who have recognised and understood the quality and safety profile of our products.”