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Ashwagandha Chronicles

Resilient Nutrition on redefining sports nutrition [Podcast]

Audio-Resilient Nutrition on redefining sports nutrition [Podcast]

What does it take to build a performance optimization brand that addresses the needs of today's consumers?

In this Ashwagandha Advantage podcast episode, we talk with Ali MacDonald, founder of U.K.-based Resilient Nutrition, about the journey to building a performance optimization brand based on research and integrity. MacDonald shares how he addresses challenges in the sports nutrition category by carefully vetting ingredient suppliers; focusing on purity, quality and efficacy; and meeting the needs of today’s consumers who are looking for clean performance optimization products. 

“Being customers of the performance nutrition space for a long time, there were characteristics that we weren’t comfortable with. As founders, we make things that address the challenges we are aware of.” –Ali MadDonald, founder, Resilient Nutrition

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