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Quercetin Phytosome: Unlocking benefits in respiratory health—podcast

Audio-Quercetin Phytosome: Unlocking benefits in respiratory health—podcast

Quercetin flavonol is one of the most studied polyphenols in botanical tradition. Quercetin’s poor oral bioavailability is unlocked with Quercefit, phytosomal quercetin. Learn about new data and evidences indicating added benefits for respiratory health.

Despite the long-standing scientific literature and its history of human consumption through fruit and vegetables, quercetin flavonol keeps impressing with new data and evidences of its multiple properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulator and antiviral.  

Respiratory health is currently high on the radar and is an application that can benefit from the advantages of quercetin’s qualities; however, quercetin’s natural poor oral bioavailability has to be necessarily overcome to exploit its potential effectiveness.

QUERCEFIT® by Indena is the innovative formulation of quercetin based on Phytosome® technology to optimize quercetin oral bioabsorption and unlock all its beneficial effects for human health. New research, both in-vitro and human clinical trials, has confirmed that Indena’s QUERCEFIT®—quercetin Phytosome®—is an effective natural remedy able to optimise quercetin bioavailability in humans and promote wellbeing in sensitive or intolerant subjects in periods when allergies are rife, modulating parameters relating to diurnal and nocturnal respiration with particular regard to breath function. 

In this podcast discussion with senior research and formulation scientist, Elisabetta Frattini, you will discover more about main biological properties of this unique flavonol, including latest evidences of its potential antiviral activity, and how QUERCEFIT® can optimise quercetin bioavailability and unlock beneficial effects in respiratory health. 

Indena - Elisabetta.png
Elisabetta Frattini
Senior Research Scientist Formulation Development
Indena S.p.A. 


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