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April Industry Digest

Article-April Industry Digest

Catch up with our monthly Industry Digest, where we select the latest stand-out trends and research across the health and nutrition space, giving you greater insight into recent industry news and highlights.

Personalised nutrition

Earlier this month, DSM announced the launch of Hologram Sciences, a consumer-facing company with brands positioned to provide holistic nutritional solutions by combining health diagnostics and digital coaching with a Silicon Valley talent base, formerly of Uber, Fitbit and Facebook. Royal DSM’s decision to back Hologram Sciences with a US$100 million investment displays the centrality of personalised nutrition in its nutrition strategy and is testimony to the growing reach of tailored, digital-first nutritional solutions.

Indeed, in the UK, personalised nutrition is arguably becoming mainstream, as highlighted by supplement company Vitl’s launch of their first national television ad campaign, broadcast across Channel 4 this month.

Meanwhile, as part of a programme run by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation, Natac Biotech is partnering with Precision For Health SL in order to design personalised foods and adjacent nutrigenetics tests which allows personalised nutritional recommendations in line with individuals’ genetic profiling. The project, ‘HEALTH4BRAIN’, has a budget of over half a billion euros, and displays an awareness of the rising importance of technology in tailoring nutrition, particularly in the cognitive space.

Interested to learn more about the personalised nutrition opportunity? Check out our article on exploring personalised nutrition, and register for Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo 2021 where our Healthy Ageing Innovation Panel discussion will cover the intersection of healthy ageing and personalised nutrition.

The power of plants

The plant-based movement shows no signs of slowing down. Commissioned by the Good Food Institute (GFI) and the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA), new data released this month displays the growth of the plant-based market, particularly in the United States. In 2020, plant-based retail sales achieved $7 billion, growing 27% across the year, while a record $2.1 billion was invested in vegan businesses in 2020.

Testimony to the growth of plant-based is the immensely popular alternative protein brand Beyond Meat’s expansion across Europe after winning listings for its products in over 400 retail stores in the UK. Sainsbury will nearly double its distribution of Beyond Meat products and Waitrose has launched both the Beyond Burger and the Beyond Sausage. Originally selling through restaurant and hospitality venues, Beyond Meat’s expansion in retail channels displays the unstoppable brand equity of plant-based businesses and the increasingly loyal consumer base that brands such as Beyond Meat have developed.

Nutribeauty boom

Last month we rounded up the latest trends in the edible beauty space. April saw further interesting launches in the edible beauty market.

Following its acquisition earlier this year by AP Fund, Euglena Co and Tokyo Century, Japanese skin-care manufacturers Q’sai has capitalised upon consumer demand for edible beauty products which improve the texture and dryness of skin. Its launch of its latest supplement is registered as a food with a functional claim, purporting to strengthen and moisturise the skin barrier.

Evidently, there is opportunity in this space for a variety of different brands, whether in the pharma, food, beauty or even spa and wellness sectors. Luxury spa destination Clinique La Prairie has launched a premium range of nutritional supplements under the new Holistic Health line. Integrating their nutritional programme into their traditional clinic offering, Clinique La Prairie are capitalising upon the growing demand for beauty-from-within products.