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Ingredients and innovation for heart health – digital magazine

White-paper-Ingredients and innovation for heart health – digital magazine

Ingredients and innovation for heart health – digital magazine
We often forget how hard our heart works to pump and deliver blood throughout our bodies. Although cardiovascular disease and stroke have been the world's greatest causes of death for the last 15 years, we often neglect to take care of our heart until we have to. However, health-conscious and proactive consumers are actively seeking out dietary supplements and functional foods with heart health benefits to incorporate alongside diet and exercise regimes. We look at reviving stagnant markets, future growth opportunities, sweet spots for developers, and emerging ingredients with proven heart health benefits.

Takeaways for your business: 

  • Crowded shelves, a multitude of finished products lacking proven claims, and insufficient omega-3 education has spiralled consumer confusion and caused the overall market to stagnate. Brands will have to rethink their marketing and innovation strategies to attract, educate and maintain omega-3 supplement users.
  • Plant-based omega-3 sources create market differentiation, new format applications and commercial opportuties to drive growth for the overall category.
  • Vitamin K2 has proven benefits of balancing calcium levels and regulating its content in the body. When developed in combination with other essential ingredients, K2 can be even more impactful—targeting both heart and bone health.
  • While garlic has been discussed for years for its heart health benefits, the mechanism of action and specific beneficial compounds have been less known. Emerging ingredients present new opportunities for the heart health market. 

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