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Health through the ages: Where are today's worries? - digital magazine

Health through the ages: Where are today's worries? - digital magazine
It's impossible to stop the hands of time, and we can't ignore the fact that we get older each year. We all feel the effects of ageing at some point, so today's consumers have shifted their focus from anti-ageing to healthy ageing. The healthy ageing market is not only made up of a senior demographic—an interest from younger consumers looking to maintain their health as they age is driving further growth for this category.

Takeaways for your business: 

  • The global number of new supplement launches tracked with a bone and/or health claim from 2014-2018 has increased by 7%.
  • Bone and joint health supplement users specifically look for products targeting prevention, repair and improved condition. 
  • Consumers are taking a more proactive approach to their health, embracing the notion of holistic health, and recognising that all aspects of health are interlinked and should not be treated in isolation. 
  • New research behind vitamin K2 and resveratrol offer healthy ageing developers prospective commercial opportunities. 

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