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Driving the future of immunity: Is gut health the next solution? - Webinar

Webinar-Driving the future of immunity: Is gut health the next solution? - Webinar

Wednesday 3 November - 11:00 (GMT)


Connecting consumer trends to new scientific evidence

In this webinar you will learn how new purchasing behavior is blurring the lines between immunity and gut health. You will also discover how new scientific evidence on polyphenols connects these two seemingly separate health goals.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how immunity and a healthy microbiota are interconnected.
  • Explore new scientific evidence proving the importance polyphenols play in optimizing our immunity.
  • Latest consumer trends and purchasing behaviors driving the need for a holistic approach to immune health.
  • Walk away with a better understanding of how manufacturers can remain innovative as new immunity solutions continue to flood the market.



Teresa Kilgore
Global Head of Health & Nutrition Marketing, Diana Food

Teresa Kilgore has an MBA and a bachelor's in marketing. She has worked in various marketing roles within the B2B food ingredient sector for the past 15 years. She joined the Diana Food team in 2016 and now leads the health and nutrition strategy and marketing efforts, globally. Her marketing super power is connecting the dots and cutting through the clutter to tell a good story. She inspires customers to meet the needs of today (and tomorrow's) consumers by making every trend relatable. She brings emotion to the trend stories she tells, resulting in lasting impressions (and sometimes a good laugh!)

Denis Guyonnet edit.png

Denis Guyonnet, PhD
Scientific & Innovation Director, Diana Nova

Denis Guyonnet, PhD, has a doctorate in nutrition and toxicology and has 20 years of experience in research in health and nutrition in humans His research is mainly focused on digestive health and the modulation of gut microbiota but he continues to explore new areas of research such as the gut-brain axis and gut-skin axis. He has published more than 30 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Since 2016, he has been the scientific and innovation director in Diana Nova, the transversal incubator of Symrise Nutrition. He is exploring new territory in health & nutrition to develop tailor-made natural health solutions that positively impact gut microbiota and human health with a focus on new prebiotics and probiotics.




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