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Women's health

Identifying strategies for successful women’s health product development [Video]

Article-Identifying strategies for successful women’s health product development [Video]

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Women have very specific health needs and the female health category is a billion-dollar business globally, but nutraceutical brands are often guilty of the “shrink it and pink it” strategy, rather than creating tailor-made products. On 28 March, Vitafoods Insights' free webinar on women’s health will explore winning strategies for science-backed product development.

The women’s health segment is broad, encompassing various life stages and specific considerations such as pre-menstrual and menstrual health, prenatal and postnatal health, and the perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause stages.

However, women’s health is also much more than these female-specific conditions and there is a huge white space for nutraceutical products that target general health, sports nutrition, and cognitive wellness and are specifically formulated for women’s bodies.

Held on 28 March, the free-to-attend webinar on women’s health is brought to you by the content team as part of the Vitafoods Insights Webinar Series on Life Stages, and will look at the latest trends, research, and ingredient innovations in this growing category.

Fellicia Kristianti, insights and innovation analyst at Innova Market Insights, will give a presentation entitled, “What women want: Opportunities in food and beverages geared towards women’s health”.

This presentation will explore Innova’s proprietary consumer research, which shows how women are proactive in achieving holistic health with interest in functional food reflecting a wider macrotrend for both physical and mental wellness. Kristianti will also look at recent new product launches and on-pack claims that resonate strongly with female consumers.

Sophie Medlin, registered dietitian and chair of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) for London, will give a presentation entitled, “Women's health through lifespans”. Medlin will highlight key nutrients and ingredient considerations for optimised women's health through the life stages. She will also explore how brands can create products that have sticking power in increasingly saturated markets such as women’s health.

Both speakers will then take part in an interactive panel discussion, answering audience questions on product development, health claims, and how to communicate with consumers among different age groups and demographics, moderated by Vitafoods content producer Natalia Franca Rocha.

With Grand View Research valuing the global women's health and beauty supplements market at $58 billion in 2022 (and predicting it will reach over $84 billion by 2030), this is a category that brands cannot afford to miss.