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Fighting fraud in the nutraceutical supply chain

Article-Fighting fraud in the nutraceutical supply chain

Fighting fraud in the nutraceutical supply chain
With their high price and growing popularity, nutraceutical products are a prime target for fraudulent practices, from ingredient adulteration to counterfeiting. Join our expert webinar on 26 September to find out how you can protect your brand and reputation.

Taking place on 26 September and brought to you by the Vitafoods Insights content team, this webinar, entitled "Compliance, food safety and food fraud: Creating trusted, transparent supply chains", will explore this highly important topic with two expert presentations followed by a live Q&A session.

With food fraud and adulteration believed to impact 1% of the global food industry and economic costs thought to reach up to $40 billion each year, this is an issue that no nutraceutical brand or supplier can afford to miss.

According to the consultancy Food Fraud Advisors, nutraceuticals, supplements, and functional foods are a good target for food fraud because they command a high price, are increasingly in demand, and are manufactured from specialist agricultural commodities that may only be produced in a handful of places around the world, resulting in complex supply chains.

Fraudulent or misleading practices common in the nutraceutical sector include ingredient substitution; the use of unauthorised health claims; or the use of non-bioactive components of a botanical plant.

Understanding the rules on bioactive ingredients

As part of this Vitafoods Insights webinar expert speaker David Pineda Ereño, managing director at Brussels-based consultancy DPE International Consulting, will give a presentation on the EU regulatory environment for bioactive ingredients in fortified foods and food supplements.

He will focus on the challenges and opportunities that companies face when bringing to market bioactive ingredients in nutraceutical products in the EU, as well as trends in labelling, marketing communication, and claims. Pineda Ereño will also examine market entry requirements for brands looking to enter this competitive space.

How to deal with inadvertent doping

Claudia Mucciardi, vice-chair at European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) and associate director of regulatory and quality compliance at Nutrabolt, will discuss how compliance, food fraud, and food safety have evolved both from a regulatory and industry perspective.

She will also examine the recent work ESSNA has been doing to reduce non-compliance and inadvertent doping through its award-winning non-compliance campaign. By presenting recent cases encountered by ESSNA, Mucciardi will shine a spotlight on this important safety topic.

The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session in which both speakers, Mucciardi and Pineda Ereño, will discuss in more depth the topics of compliance, food safety, and fraud. Our speakers will also cover consumer insights and what elements to take into consideration when developing new products.