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Revealed: The 18 finalists of the 2024 Vitafoods Europe Startup Innovation Challenge

Article-Revealed: The 18 finalists of the 2024 Vitafoods Europe Startup Innovation Challenge

© iStock/Pavel Muravev Revealed: The 18 finalists of the 2024 Vitafoods Europe Startup Innovation Challenge
Find out which trailblazing startups were chosen for their innovative ingredients, finished products, and technologies for the 2024 Vitafoods Europe Startup Innovation Challenge.

Taking place at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva in May, the Startup Innovation Challenge shines a spotlight on ambitious and innovative health and wellness companies breaking new ground in the nutraceutical industry.

All finalists – a total of 18 startups across three categories – will pitch before a panel of expert judges behind closed doors on 13 May. After pitching on stage to the Vitafoods Europe audience, the winners will be announced on 14 May.

For more information on the Challenge – and the prizes that are up for grabs – click here.

The finalists of the 2024 Startup Innovation Challenge are:

Most Innovative Finished Nutraceutical Product


Flavolife develops medical foods containing a patented and proprietary mix of flavonoids, which can help treat toxicity induced by chemo- and radiotherapies in cancer patients.


Ciscarex develops a patented and trademarked novel vitamin called Vitamin A5, a dietary supplement that helps mediate important pathways within the nervous system.

Circular Fiber

Circular Fiber produces The Fiber Bars, which are made using Karshof – upcycled artichoke-derived flour that is high in fibre.


Mandu-care produces Moltea, a prebiotic one-shot drink that contains enzymatic-derived lactulose to help empower the gut and prevent constipation.


Nuhpro develops Swee-thy, a patented "protein cream low carb" product, which is free from polyols and lactose. It aims to support a low FODMAP diet and promote gastrointestinal health.

Most Innovative Nutraceutical Ingredient


Maolac develops bioactive proteins to address various health needs such as inflammation-related ailments and gut health. This process is driven by the company's proprietary AI and proteomic intelligence system.


BiOkuris produces KiOtransine (chitin-glucan), a dietary prebiotic that offers a novel approach to managing gastrointestinal disorders.


Rawga extracts sustainably sourced, plant-based collagen in the form of glycoproteins, which are derived from the outer cell walls of plants such as hibiscus.


Edonia transforms microalgae biomass into a sustainable, tasty, and convenient super-ingredient. Its first product presents spirulina in an unprecedented form, allowing brand-new applications.

Avea Life

Avea Life develops a plant-based collagen precursor called Colgevity, with three additional components (Calcium AKG, astaxanthin, and vitamin C from Acerola cherry) to stimulate the body to produce its own collagen.


Fermedics focuses on premium botanical ingredients that were submitted to a targeted fermentation, mimicking the action of a healthy microbiome by metabolising the active plant compounds.


Gova develops natural, healthy white sugar that reduces cravings, has satiating properties, and does not spike blood sugar levels.

Most Innovative Service, Technology, or Digital Solution Supporting the Nutraceutical Industry

Ani Biome

Ani Biome uses proprietary machine learning models to non-invasively assess one's psychophysical state and predict the most potent molecules to stimulate the production of short-chain fatty acids.

Universal Omics          

Universal Omics is an AI-driven biotech company designing multi-targeted drugs and nutraceuticals for cardiac diseases primarily caused by lifestyle, timing, and diet-related metabolic dysfunction.


Gaston is a B2B SaaS platform delivering AI-generated personalised food and ingredients recommendations based on users' biological and genomic profiles.

Naeo Nutrition            

Naeo Nutrition creates smart supplement dispenser jars with subscription-based vitamin gummies, designed to remind consumers to take their supplements daily while fighting one-off packaging.

Reso Health

Reso Health develops a proprietary vending technology that turns health data into personalised health products in real time, helping individuals achieve their wellbeing goals and sustain performance.

Apex Compliance       

Apex Compliance addresses the need for accurate marketing in the nutritional sector through its AI-driven platform. This technology streamlines the compliance process, enabling companies to focus on product innovation and consumer health.