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Brand marketing in the 2021 transition world

Article-Brand marketing in the 2021 transition world

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While health and wellness brands are trying their hardest to adjust their business models and products to meet evolving consumer need in an ongoing pandemic, developing a strategy for long-term success is as important as tackling the ‘here and now.’

The pandemic has seen the complete re-engineering of the way we live, work and play, the way we connect, consume information and products. It has also seen a reset of our lives. COVID-19 has prompted widespread re-evaluation, and for brands that means we need to also reconsider the time, place and manner in which we interact with our audiences. As defined by The 6AM Agency, 'essentialism'—the pairing back of the busy and often unfulfilling lives with mass consumption, which we used to lead, to a focus on what is more essential and truly needed.

In this podcast, Gillian Fish, CEO of the 6AM Agency, answers some of the questions keeping marketers awake at night:

  • How have leading brands adapted their marketing strategies and how has this translated into success in comparison to conservative counterparts? 
  • How will interest in health and nutrition shift at consumer level, and what does this mean for brands?  What actions should brands take to assume a leadership position during this time?
  • How can brands be competitive in particularly saturated categories, such as immune health? What strategies are effective during this unsettled time?
  • In today’s world, brands are having to adapt quickly with daily changes. The long-term vision is cloudy at best for many companies. How important is it to build a brand marketing strategy that is centered on long-term success and what are your tips for achieving this?

To read the first free chapters of Resilience for free, click here. For a FREE 1-hour brand consult discussion with Gillian Fish, feel free to email [email protected].