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Broad Range Immune Support with IMMUSE® – infographic

White-paper-Broad Range Immune Support with IMMUSE® – infographic

Broad Range Immune Support with IMMUSE® – infographic
Current immune health ingredients provide limited support. For more comprehensive immune support, IMMUSE®, a cutting-edge paraprobiotic, is the answer.

Immune health and overall wellness are starting to become synonymous terms for consumers. No longer is immune health a seasonal need. However, to help sustain the interest in immune health supplements it is important brand manufacturers continue to innovate.

Meet IMMUSE®—A cutting-edge paraprobiotic that has been clinically researched to provide the most comprehensive immune support. Backed by over 25 studies and 11 human clinical trials, IMMUSE activates pDCs (plasmacytoid dendritic cells), the leaders of the immune system. 


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