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Digestive health: Fibre and far beyond – Report

White-paper-Digestive health: Fibre and far beyond – Report

Digestive health: Fibre and far beyond – Report
A new generation of smarter, better-targeted, well-researched, low-dose prebiotic ingredients is adding its weight to the familiar battery of gut-health ingredients, notably probiotics.

Like so many health conditions and sets of symptoms in many different areas, digestive health is something of an iceberg, afloat with only a fraction of its mass visible above the waterline.

Problems may be ‘lived with,’ left undiagnosed or untreated. However, greater numbers of consumers are conscious of the range of ingredients available to address specific conditions and symptoms. “What’s more, with more research being published, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of how gut health impacts overall health,” says Shane Durkee, VP platform innovation, capsules and health ingredients, Lonza.

This free report discusses the digestive health market across the nutraceutical industry. Download now to discover more about: 

  • Digestive health market and consumer data
  • Industry's challenges and opportunities 
  • Ingredients making a splash within digestive health category 
  • Marketing rules and crystal balls

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