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Sports and active nutrition report: Tapping into the active lifestyle [Report]

The sports nutrition category is growing – but do you really know who today’s active nutrition consumers are and the specific health benefits they are looking for?

Science-driven and rapidly evolving, the sports nutrition category’s performance-driven benefits used to serve a core athlete cohort but, today, it is increasingly serving almost any demographic, from office workers to active seniors. In this report, we look at some of the drivers behind this change as well as the on-trend ingredients that brands can use in their products.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • Global growth in sports nutrition and active nutrition
  • The blurred line between sports nutrition and active nutrition
  • Regulating sports nutrition products in the EU
  • Plant protein divergence
  • The broadening energy premise
  • E-gamers and the expansion of cognitive health
  • Understanding the active nutrition consumer
  • Key takeaways

The Vitafoods Insights sports and active nutrition report is written in two parts that will be published throughout 2023. This is part two.

Sports and active nutrition report: Tapping into the active lifestyle [Report]