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Life stages, part 2: Infant and children’s health [Report]

The first 1,000 days of life are crucial to development and can impact health outcomes throughout adulthood.

For babies who are exclusively bottle-fed, infant formula will be their only source of nutrients until weaning begins – meaning that creating a nutrient-dense formulation that replicates breast milk as closely as possible is crucial. 

In this free report, we explore the latest ingredient innovations that are improving infant formula, preventing allergies in childhood, and spurring product development in emerging growth areas.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • Improving infant formula
  • Spotlight on synthetic biology
  • Could plant-based infant formula be the next big opportunity?
  • Infant formula: Adapting in the face of supply chain disruptions
  • Using nutrition to prevent food allergies
  • Sleep health for kids: An untapped opportunity?
  • Key takeaways

The Vitafoods Insights life stages report is written in three parts that will be published throughout 2023. This is part two. 

Life stages, part 2: Infant and children’s health [Report]