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Sports and active nutrition, part 1: From niche to mainstream [Report]

Bone and joint health concerns are no longer the preserve of older consumers. Today, sports nutrition has mainstream appeal and many “everyday athletes” want products that increase their mobility, giving bone and joint health brands a wider consumer base to target.

Clean, natural, and functional products that can be consumed with ease are leading the way in the sports and active nutrition space.

In this free report, we explore trends, opportunities, and consumer behaviour, and how brands can engage with sports and active nutrition consumers.


  • Mass market appeal
  • Gut microbiota: a new frontier for bone and joint health
  • Focus on formats and formulation
  • Covid-19 impacts flavour preferences
  • Sports nutrition for children
  • Key Takeaways

The Vitafoods Insights sports and active nutrition report is written in two parts that will be published throughout 2023. This is part one.

Sports and active nutrition, part 1: From niche to mainstream [Report]