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Understanding S. boulardii probiotic yeast’s proven health benefits [Report]

The probiotic yeast S. boulardii is mainly known as a digestive health ingredient but researchers have also highlighted immunity and skin health benefits.

Thanks to Lallemand Health Solutions, brands can use both conventional and certified organic versions of this healthy probiotic yeast for use in foods and supplements. This report details how best to formulate with S. boulardii, its proven benefits, and market opportunities.

Download the report to find out more.

What’s included in this report?


  • Introduction
  • Market overview
  • Documented benefits of S. boulardii
  • Certified organic
  • Formulating with S. boulardii
    • Concentration, dosage forms, formats, and shelf life
    • In conjunction with probiotic bacteria
  • Global health claims
  • About Lallemand
  • Key takeaways

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S.boulardii by Lallemand

Understanding S. boulardii probiotic yeast’s proven health benefits [Report]