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Spotlight on the Indian nutraceuticals market [Report]

With a booming population, growing middle class, and respected tradition of using botanical ingredients for health, India is an attractive market for the nutraceutical industry for both sourcing ingredients and selling to consumers.

India is home to 1.4 billion people, 37% of whom regularly used nutraceutical products in 2019,  and by 2023, that proportion had increased to 39% – an increase of 28 million consumers.

This report covers the main drivers of the Indian nutraceutical market, ingredient trends and changing health needs in the subcontinent. It looks at the main nutritional product formats, supplements and ingredients of interest to Indian consumers, as well as those that have gained the attention of global nutraceutical markets.

This report also takes a deep dive into India’s place within the international supplements market, including India-made products and ingredients, and the role of traditional Indian systems of medicine both domestically and in export markets.

Download this free report to find out more:

  • Market definition, value and key drivers
  • Indian health needs
  • Main trends in Indian nutraceuticals:  Ingredient trends and formats
  • Indian ingredients for the global market
    • Sourcing other ingredients from India
    • Ayurvedic and traditional ingredients
  • What’s next for the Indian nutraceutical sector?
  • Regulation
  • Key takeaways

Spotlight on the Indian nutraceuticals market [Report]
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