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Ready-to-launch Women’s Health concepts to help you win in the market [Whitepaper]

White-paper-Ready-to-launch Women’s Health concepts to help you win in the market [Whitepaper]

Courtesy of Sirio Ready-to-launch Women’s Health concepts to help you win in the market [Whitepaper]
Addressing the so-called ‘gender health gap’ is vital to support the health needs of women – it also presents a distinct opportunity for brands. This whitepaper from Sirio describes how tailored supplement concepts can serve to help brands differentiate in this rapidly expanding space, while partnering women through the life stages on their health and wellness journey.

The number of Women’s Health supplement launches is emphatically on the rise in Europe (+19% CAGR from 2019-2023).1 with around one-third now opting for dietary supplementation or natural remedies.2 As consumers take a more proactive stance on treating symptoms and bolstering health and wellness throughout their lives, they are seeking targeted solutions that: support gynaecological health, protect mother and infant development throughout pregnancy, establish hormonal balance and enhance longevity, and respect the interconnection between stress, energy and cognitive performance.

Download this exclusive new whitepaper to discover:

  • Key market statistics surrounding the Women’s Health supplements market in Europe.
  • Data around gummies and softgels – the most swiftly expanding and most popular delivery formats, respectively, in the supplements market today.
  • The specific and shifting health needs of women as they advance through life stages – from pre-puberty to post-menopause.
  • Market-ready, scientifically backed product concepts to support menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy (pre- and post-natal), and menopausal health.
  • Unique Women’s Health supplement concepts that address key priorities for all ages – relating to metabolism, sleep health, weight management, and urinary tract health.
  • Sirio’s collaborations with leading brands ADM, Gnosis by Lesaffre, and KD Nutra, to create innovative Women’s Health concepts, some with ‘first-to-market’ status.
  • How Sirio’s extensive consumer research, nutritional science, and validation of new Women’s Health concepts take the guesswork out of NPD for brands.
  • The importance of enhancing consumer experience to counter ‘pill fatigue’, with high-in-demand gummy formats, fruit flavours, and botanicals all contributing to an enjoyable routine.

Read and download the new whitepaper now. 

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