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Phytosome®, the biomimetic delivery system - white paper

White-paper-Phytosome®, the biomimetic delivery system - white paper

Phytosome®, the biomimetic delivery system - white paper

Phytosome® is a nutraceutical concept based on the groundbreaking application of Indena’s Nature As MeasureTM biomimetic principle. It is the core of a smart, advanced and completely natural strategy for the delivery of natural ingredients, allowing our body to absorb them in the best possible way. Its strength lies in its deep inner creativity, weaved into Nature’s fabric itself.

Introduced for food supplements, Phytosome® optimizes the bioabsorption and pharmacokinetic profile of natural-origin compounds, using exclusively food-grade excipients – namely, lecithins. Phytosome®’s food-grade matrix maintains the original structure, complexity, and chaos of natural substances. This eliminates the need for chemical derivatives, pharmaceutical adjuvants or new chemical entities, effectively making Phytosome® safe and well tolerated over time. Strict human studies, backed-up by pre-clinical trials, have proven Phytosome® formulations offer optimized solubility in gastrointestinal fluids, pharmacokinetic profiles, and effectiveness, compared to non-formulated botanical extracts. Indena compounds almost 100 years of expertise and experience with state-of-the-art technological equipment and constant efforts towards quality. This has allowed Phytosome® formulations to be mass manufactured while still guaranteeing the natural component’s matrix can be reproduced, controlled and verified batch after batch.

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