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MUCOSAVE™FG counteracts gastroesophageal reflux – whitepaper

White-paper-MUCOSAVE™FG counteracts gastroesophageal reflux – whitepaper

MUCOSAVE™FG counteracts gastroesophageal reflux – whitepaper
MUCOSAVE™FG a natural ingredient with prebiotic activity to counteract gastroesophageal reflux and improve the quality of life.

Gastrointestinal discomfort is a common disorder affecting 40% of the adult population worldwide. Significant lifestyle changes cause an increase in gastroesophageal reflux disease incidence, and the reflux episodes have an important influence on quality of life.

BIONAP developed MUCOSAVE™FG, a blend of two herbal extracts containing polysaccharides of prickle pear cladodes (Opuntia ficus indica (L.)) and biophenols of olive leaves (Olea europaea (L.))—a unique combination specifically created for mucosal support and to counteract the main symptoms caused by gastrointestinal disorders.

Download BIONAP's whitepaper today to learn how natural ingredients represent an interesting option for the management of gastrointestinal disorders.


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