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Chelation Matters™️

White-paper-Chelation Matters™️

Source: Innophos Chelation Matters™️
Dietary supplement manufacturers prefer chelated minerals because they offer many benefits including superior solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Chelation Matters™️, but it can be difficult to verify that minerals are fully chelated.

Innophos, a global leader in phosphates and nutrition solutions, has invested in the science behind chelation to develop a premium line of Chelamax®️ chelated minerals, that are backed by a unique industry-leading verification process.

Our latest whitepaper covers the many advantages of Chelamax®️ zinc bisglycinate:

Find out more about the benefits of Chelamax®️️ zinc bisglycinate in our latest whitepaper, Chelamax®️ Chelated Minerals Show Increased Absorption.

  • Proven chelation based on 3-step testing methodology
  • Superior solubility and stability
  • 10x greater absorption than zinc oxide in invitro tests

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