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Trends transforming the nutraceutical industry through technology – webinar

Webinar-Trends transforming the nutraceutical industry through technology – webinar

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Date: Wednesday 10 March 2021 | Time: 11:00-12:15 (GMT) | Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


The nutraceutical industry continues to leverage data and technology to innovate in untapped areas, access new markets, and advance product development. Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are all driving deeper consumer insights, enabling product discovery and optimising supply chain processes. In the wake of this evolution, this webinar explores three technologies transforming the nutraceutical industry and delivering smart solutions for brand owners and supply chain stakeholders alike.

Tune in for three live expert presentations and Q&A.


  • Receive a framework of where artificial intelligence is deepening consumer insights and delivering personalised value for end consumers
  • Learn how traceability and serialisation technology promotes authenticity across the supply chain and delivers essential insights for ingredient manufacturers and brand owners
  • Understand how to analyse consumer-centric data for high-level insights, product development and enhanced customer connections



Somsubhra GanChoudhuri
CEO and co-founder, AI Palette

Somsubhra (Som) is the co-founder and CEO of AI Palette, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, backed by the Government of Singapore and investors from Silicon Valley and Europe. Using AI, predictive analytics, and image recognition, AI Palette helps its customers craft and launch new products by spotting and analysing emerging consumer trends. Som is a marketer by training, salesperson by expertise and passionate about product innovation, having worked closely with some of the world's largest food brands for more than a decade. He has been awarded as Top 50 Innovators at World Innovation Congress. Ai Palette was selected as the Top 15 Food tech startups globally at Slingshot 2019, Top10 Food & Retail tech startup at kickstart Innovation Switzerland 2020.


Piet de Vriendt
Senior business development manager, Kezzler

Piet is senior business development manager at Kezzler, a company providing a cloud-based traceability platform that brings value to brand owners by securing supply chains and elevating the consumer experience. For over 19 years, unique digital Kezzler identities have helped solve real-world problems in a sustainable way in multiple markets and sectors. Piet works ask key account manager for two large Kezzler accounts and works on maintaining and expanding several of strategic partnerships. Before Kezzler, Piet worked as a senior account manager for Motorola Solutions in Norway and spent 10 years working in sales, marketing and commercial product management for Zenitel Norway AS. Piet has a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication and Marketing and a Postgraduate in International Marketing.

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Dovev Goldstein
Founder and co-CEO, MyAir

Dovev is a serial entrepreneur in the fields of personalisation (AI), media, and D2C, and serves as founder and co-CEO at MyAir, a start-up delivering personalised superfood bars powered by AI and targeting cognitive health Dovev is a product and technology expert with demonstrated success with innovation and management. Dovev was the co-founder of media technology startups (including 1 IPO), and a communications executive in several corporations, and served as SVP at Israel’s Channel 2 (Reshet Broadcasting), and the satellite broadcasting company (YES).