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Understanding the delicate balance of an infant’s developing immune system [video]

Video-Understanding the delicate balance of an infant’s developing immune system [video]

Founder and author Meenal Lele talks to us about her book, The Baby and the Biome as well as her company, Lil Mixins, which creates science-based products to help parents prevent allergies from developing in their young children.

A child's first 1,000 days can determine their lifelong health.

The food a child eats and what they are exposed to can determine whether they join the 50% of people who end up with a chronic immune disease.  

Catch up on the session in the video below:



Meenal Lele    
Author, The Baby and the Biome    
Hanimune Therapeutics / Lil Mixins
Meenal Lele is author of The Baby and the Biome, a revolutionary look at immune disease, and what one parent has learned to reverse it. Meenal has designed, run, and published multiple large clinical studies across orthopedics, vascular medicine, and allergy. She has an engineering and a business degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and is the founder of Lil Mixins ( - an allergy prevention company. As a food allergy & asthma parent, she is committed to bringing an end to the immune diseases that plague 80 million Americans.