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Vitafoods Europe 2023

Panel discussion: Uncovering the gender health gap [video]

Video-Panel discussion: Uncovering the gender health gap [video]

This presentation focusses on women’s gynaecological and mental health, gender gap in healthcare and cancer awareness.

This powerful discussion about women’s health, real stories about real women: what are the shortfalls in the system? What happens when race is factored in? How can health education improve the care for women across all life stages? What can we do as an industry to better understand what is at stake?

Catch up on this session in the video below:



Sarah Graham
Freelance Journalist
Author of ''Rebel Bodies: A guide to the gender health gap revolution''

Sarah Graham is an award-winning freelance health journalist and author of Rebel Bodies: A guide to the gender health gap revolution. She specialises in health, gender and feminism, and has written extensively on these subjects for the i newspaper, Refinery29, the Telegraph, Grazia, Guardian, the BMJ and many others. She was a finalist in the 2021 Medical Journalists’ Association Awards.

Dr Aziza Sesay
General PRactitioner
"Talks with Dr. Sesay"

Dr. Aziza Sesay is an NHS General Practitioner, GP educator, Honorary Senior Clinical lecturer, host, speaker and health content creator. She has a strong passion for health education, awareness, advocacy and empowerment. She channels this through her platform 'Talks with Dr. Sesay' where she shares short informative videos, infographics, live discussions and tips on a variety of topics with a particular emphasis on women’s and gynaecological health, cancer awareness, mental health and health inequity. The goal is to equip and empower individuals with knowledge in the hope of preventing disease or at least moderating their progression.