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Vitafoods Digital Week Schedule

Vitafoods is the world’s leading brand bringing together the nutraceutical supply chain through live events, digital platforms and engaging content opportunities. As part of the continuous Vitafoods commitment to connect the industry to the latest in science and innovation, we are delighted to host Vitafoods Digital Week on 11-15 May 2020. Over this week, a range of free-to-attend webinars, podcasts, downloadable reports, articles and galleries will be published and made available to support the industry professionals in finding new ways to work smarter and seek inspiration, drive conversations and connections online. 

Vitafoods Digital Week Title Sponsor KSM-66





Vitafoods Digital Week Schedule (11-15 May 2020)

Live times are according to British Summer Time (-01:00 CET)

Monday 11 May

Available starting at 9:00
     ♦ New Ingredient Zone key takeaways article
     ♦ Featured Ingredients launches product gallery
     ♦ 'Sustainability and climate change: Part of the bigger picture' podcast
     ♦ Successfully introducing KSM-66 Ashwagandha to Sweden article - sponsored by KSM-66
     ♦ 'Ashwagandha market opportunity supported by research' infographic - sponsored by KSM-66
     ♦ '>Your< Iron line: Why launch clinically supported iron supplements & why now?' whitepaper - sponsored by PharmaLinea
     ♦ 'Choline: The overlooked essential nutrient' podcast - sponsored by Aker BioMarine
     ♦ 'Understanding Human Milk Oligosaccharides' infographic - sponsored by BASF
11:00 Stars in sports nutrition webinar - brought to you by Innova Market Insights
14:00 Nutritional ingredients to support healthy ageing webinar - sponsored by Euromed and Lonza

Tuesday 12 May

Available starting at 9:00
     ♦ Tasting Centre & Plant-Based Sampling Bar key takeaways article
     ♦ Vitafoods Insights Report: Immune health
     ♦ 'Facilitating supplier connections and exploring digital solutions' podcast
     ♦ 'Ashwagandha: Powerful adaptogen for challenging times' podcast - sponsored by KSM-66
     ♦ 'Quercefit: Unlocking quercetin benefits in respiratory health' podcast - sponsored by Indena
     ♦ 'AP-Bio for immunity: From Ayurveda to modern science' whitepaper - sponsored by Natural Remedies
     ♦ LalDéfense 85% Yeast Beta Glucan – infographic  - sponsored by Lallemand Bio-Ingredients
11:00 Protein and protein alternatives webinar
12:00 Yoga-lates core fusion virtual class
14:00 Immune health market opportunity webinar - sponsored by Morinaga Milk and PharmaLinea

Wednesday 13 May

Available starting at 9:00
     ♦ New Products Zone key takeaways article
     ♦ Vitafoods Europe 2020: Exhibitor Spotlight
     ♦ 'How COVID-19 is affecting ingredient supply and manufacturing' podcast
     ♦ 'Diversity & inclusion opportunities across the industry' podcast
     ♦ 'Adapting new product launch and marketing strategy to the crisis' podcast - sponsored by PharmaLinea
     ♦ 'The effect of probiotics on adult GI symptoms' whitepaper - sponsored by UAS Laboratories
     ♦ 'Superior nutrition for gamers' infographic - sponsored by Kemin
14:00 Sports nutrition and the active consumer market webinar - sponsored by Kerry and Prinova
15:00 Ashwagandha and the COVID-19 blues webinar - sponsored by KSM-66

Thursday 14 May

Available starting at 9:00
     ♦ Probiotics Resource Centre key takeaways article
     ♦ Featured Finished Product Launches product gallery
     ♦ 'Overcoming challenges to enter the US nutraceutical market' podcast
     ♦ 'EXPERT'Biotics for babies' whitepaper - sponsored by Lallemand
     ♦ 'Demystifying collagen for joint health' podcast - sponsored by Bioiberica
     ♦ 'D3 & K2 ‘The Perfect Pair’– K2VITAL®’ infographic - sponsored by Kappa Bioscience
12:00 Yoga Flow: Core ladder sequence virtual class
14:00 Delivering the power of natural extracts and botanicals webinar - sponsored by Lubrizol Life Science and Naturex
15:00 Botanical identification & testing course: Part 1 - developed and hosted by NSF International

Friday 15 May

Available starting at 9:00
     ♦ Omega-3 Resource Centre key takeaways article
     ♦ 'The Vitafoods State of the Nation launch' podcastbrought to you by FMCG Gurus
     ♦ 'Bringing traceability to life for nutraceutical brands' podcast
     ♦ 'Collagen for sports nutrition' podcast - sponsored by Rousselot
     ♦ 'Natural solutions from the Mediterranean to boost immunity' whitepaper - sponsored by Pharmactive Biotech Products
     ♦ 'IFF Health’s top ingredients for empowering healthy ageing’ infographic - sponsored by IFF Health
14:00 Gut balance and immune health webinar - sponsored by Chr Hansen and Sacco System
15:00 Botanical identification & testing course: Part 2 - developed and hosted by NSF International