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Plant derived omega-3s – video

Video-Plant derived omega-3s – video

This video explores the opportunities for plant-based omega-3s, reflecting supply chain meeting consumer preference.

The majority of human consuming diets are considered chronically deficient or imbalanced in omega-3. Despite compelling science, why is there such low acceptance? In this presentation, Andrew Hebard, CEO and founder at Natures Crops International, unpacks the opportunity for omega-3s sourced from plants: 

  • Regenerative omega-3s, their production, impact on the environment and alignment with consumer preferences and current trends
  • Supply chain considerations for plant derived omega-3s—from soil to oil
  • New plant-derived multi-omega sourcing that is clean, green and offers a balanced opportunity for formulators, brands and consumers
  • How a fully integrated and managed supply chain with regenerative production processes meets all current consumer concerns and might be key to unlocking the paradox between omega-3 market potential and demand

This presentation first took place live as a Vitafoods Virtual Expo omega-3s micro-community session. To explore more of the expert sessions now available on demand, visit Vitafoods Insights' video section.