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Identifying the right contract manufacturer for business needs – video

Video-Identifying the right contract manufacturer for business needs – video

This presentation covers how to find the right manufacturing partner to match requirements and capacity needs.

Majority of companies rely on an external contract manufacturer to meet needs that they themselves cannot fulfil. Brands can focus on other areas of the business by leaving their manufacturing and packaging requirements to the experts. 'Co-packers' can provide a range of services, such as raw material processing, ingredient manufacturing, quality control testing, finshed product packaging and labeling, and even storage and distribution. It's essential that companies take their time vetting potential partners, as contract manufacturers need to meet safety, quality and compliance requirements of the finished product that ultimately reaches consumer shelves—and most importantly, ones for which brands are ultimately responsible.

In this video, Peter Heusinkveld, business development manager at NIZO, outlines: 

  • Choosing your partner according to service, scale, location, testing capabilities, quality control and cost matching needs
  • Considerations between all-inclusive services versus outsourcing projects
  • Conducting a facility tour and on-site audit, and identifying red flags

This presentation first took place live as a Vitafoods Virtual Expo keynote session. To explore more of the expert sessions now available on demand, visit Vitafoods Insights' video section