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How COVID-19 has changed the F&B consumer and retail landscape – video

Video-How COVID-19 has changed the F&B consumer and retail landscape – video

The COVID-19 crisis is shaping a new type of consumer. This presentation explores how some of these behaviours are already evident while newer ones might emerge later.

Accelerated e-commerce may require refreshed marketing and merchandising models. Presenting key metrics affecting major markets, Benjamin Theurer, director, senior analyst, Barclays covers:

  • How companies are likely to start/accelerate SKU rationalisation efforts to maximise output, which can benefit longer term profitability
  • The types of product offerings that could become less of a favourite while others see increased demand, with a longer lasting shift from foodservice to retail
  • The likely longer lasting negative impact from COVID-19 in important markets, while similar changes can be observed in emerging markets
  • While e-commerce could be seen as a demand driver of 'well-known brands,' affordability in emerging markets may make it harder for brands to shine in a similar way.

This presentation first took place live as a Vitafoods Virtual Expo keynote session. To explore more of the expert sessions now available on demand, visit Vitafoods Insights' video section