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Evolving nutrition trends in healthy ageing – video

Video-Evolving nutrition trends in healthy ageing – video

Explore the unique nutritional needs and opportunities to support ageing populations across the APAC region.

Across the APAC region, ageing consumers are seeking ways to optimise their 'health span' and solutions that deliver unique value.

This expert panel discussion, featuring Haru Amagase, president at General Incorporated Association of International Food and Nutrition, Prof. Jean Wood, director at Jockey Club Institute of Aging, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Zhang Zhongpeng, director at Department of Health & Nutrition, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines & Health Products discusses the nutritional needs of an ageing population, important considerations in developing solutions for different markets and age ranges, and the opportunity to move the conversation toward vitality for longer life.

This presentation originally took place as a healthy ageing micro-community panel discussion as part of Vitafoods Asia Digital Week 2021.