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China health & wellness trends to watch in 2021 – video

Article-China health & wellness trends to watch in 2021 – video

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COVID-19, exponential technologies, shifting demographics and new social norms are reshaping the consumer health market in China. This video digests emerging data from China’s most recent online shopping festival.

Analysing data from the world’s largest shopping festival—11/11—this presentation identifies and discusses the emerging trends driving growth in China’s consumer health market. Tune in to gain insight into where opportunities exist, why, the major drivers and how consumer brands can position themselves to thrive in this dynamic market from Ellie Adams, managing director at QIVA Global

A fluent mandarin speaker, Ellie began her career at Thomson Reuters holding international postings across sales, marketing, and strategy functions. While Director of Government Affairs in Washington D.C, Ellie was recruited to join Monitor Deloitte. In 2017, Ellie founded QIVA Global to help international businesses build resilient brands in China. The QIVA model is built on data science, which powers everything the company does: from strategy, to brand building and sales.

This presentation originally took place as a keynote session as part of Vitafoods Asia Digital Week 2021.