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Certified fish sources for supplement brands – video

Video-Certified fish sources for supplement brands – video

Learn about the development in certified fish and awareness of Marine Stewardship Coucil (MSC) among fish oil consumers. Understand companies can profit from MSC and help save the seas.

Today 34% of commercial fish stocks are overfished and the oceans are threatened. Fisheries sourcing for supplements often target species far down the food chain. In this presentation by Ellen Bruno, Senior Commercial Manager Nordics, MSC, learn about the responsibilities supplement companies have to ensure fish oil is sources from sustainable fisheries, and learn about the MSC global certification scheme—appreciated by companies and consumers alike as awareness of the label and of the need to protect our oceans grows.

This presentation first took place live as a Vitafoods Virtual Expo Omega-3 Micro-community session. To explore more of the expert sessions now available on demand, visit Vitafoods Insights' video section