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Alternative proteins: from quality to consumer perception — Video

Video-Alternative proteins: from quality to consumer perception — Video

Alternative proteins are popular among consumers, but understanding the quality of the ingredients and how they meet market needs is critical.

Alternative proteins are a hot topic across the functional food and beverage space. In this panel discussion, three industry experts provide insights on the quality of alternative protein sources and how to choose the right protein for your product. The discussion covers the impact of protein quantity and quality on health across the lifespan, and how to ensure that specific target groups—like seniors or athletes—consume the right amount of alternative proteins with the best nutritional profile. Finally, the panelists dive into consumer insights on why consumers are switching to alternative proteins, especially plant-based options, and what to consider when formulating products for different target groups. 


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Sandra Einerhand
Nutrition Consultant, Einerhand Science & Innovation
Sandra Einerhand is the founder and head of Einerhand Science & Innovation, an award-winning nutrition consultancy providing solutions to the food and dietary supplements industry. Throughout her career, Sandra has focused on scientifically substantiating health benefits of food ingredients like plant-based fibres, lipids and proteins. In 2020, Einerhand Science & Innovation won the Luxlife Food and Drink award for being the best European Early Life Nutrition Consultancy. Sandra worked for Danone Nutricia Research, Tate & Lyle Ingredients and Lipid Nutrition as Scientific Program Director and Nutrition & Health Director.



Carol Fitzgerald
President & CEO, Buzzback
Carol Fitzgerald is an experienced senior-level executive that has proven success in the management of both established and startup companies for more than 15 years. Prior to starting BuzzBack Market Research, Carol was a Director at, where she built and managed the company's consumer marketing and product development strategy.



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Dr Jan de Vries
Expert in Nutrition & Health, De Vries Nutrition Solutions
Jan de Vries has a background in biology, human nutrition, and pharmacology. He has experience working in the R&D environment of food industries on multiple areas in nutrition and food development, where sports nutrition was one of them. During his industrial employment, he has participated in several Task Forces and Expert Groups of ILSI-Europe, he is active in the Healthgrain Forum and Whole Grain Initiative, and he coordinates the FENS working groups Improving Standards in the Science of Nutrition. 


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